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Lawn Mowing Salem OR

Don’t feel like mowing your lawn? No worries, we can do it for you! At our company, we offer a variety of lawn care and landscaping services that will transform your landscape, leaving your neighbors in awe. Whether you need lawn fertilization, spring clean up, tree trimming or seeding, we can do it all! We are based in Salem, Oregon, however, we are flexible to travel to other areas: Albany, Corvallis, Monmouth, McMinnville, Woodburn, Silverton, and more!

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Lawn Maintenance Salem OR

The best prevention for lawn disease and weeds is proper lawn maintenance. Lawn disease and weed thrives in the environment and poor condition of the lawn. A good condition lawn will crowd the weeds and lawn disease, preventing it from spreading. Mowing the lawn daily would allow sunlight exposure to the soil and fertilizing will give nutrients to the grass. Aeration will prevent mold as it restores the moisture level and promotes nutrient and water absorption. If you don’t have the time to maintain your lawn, you should consider calling our professional lawn care company. We perform lawn mowing, aeration, thatch removal, seeding, spring and fall clean up. If you are looking for lawn care and yard maintenance service in Salem, Oregon, call us for a quote!

Landscaping Salem OR

Designing and maintaining your landscape can transform the entire appearance of your property, whether it’s installing flowers, or trimming your tree. We offer a wide range of landscaping services that will allow you to make the necessary changes and additions to making the landscape of your dreams. We have performed small landscaping projects such as rock, mulch, and pine straw installation to large projects like sod installation and sprinkler installation. Our landscapers are experienced in installing an irrigation system, giving you more time to live your life without worrying about watering your plants and lawn. If you are looking to put a spotlight on your house, feel free to call us for exterior lighting installation. Whether you are in need of landscaping assistance for your patio, walkway, or even driveway, we are the best lawn care and landscaping company in Salem, OR. 

Fertilization Salem OR

Giving your grass nutrients is essential for it to prosper and thrive all year round. However, using the right kind of fertilizer and fertilizer distribution is crucial in perfecting the lawn care routine. We understand that finding the perfect fertilizer may not be the best use of your time, which is why we offer to do the research and labour for you! Our team is knowledgeable in picking the fertilizer that includes only the essential ingredients needed for grass growth. Our lawn care establishment has a variety of equipment suited for all sizes and types of lawn. When given a call, we will arrive at your house promptly. We will then assess your grass, choosing the most suitable fertilizer and tool of distribution. If you’re looking for a team of efficient and trustworthy Salem lawn care professionals, give us a call!

Aeration Salem OR

Thatch Removal Salem OR

Have you ever walked through your lawn and realized you’re slipping from the muddy soil? This could either be caused by overwatering, or the humid and damp weather conditions. It is important to restore the soil into its normal state to prevent mold and diseases to form. Aeration is the process of forming holes into the soil, allowing air circulation and promoting nutrient absorption. With core aeration, we can efficiently create 6-inch deep holes simultaneously, covering the entire landscape in a short period of time. In spring and fall seasons, thatch can also form. Our company offers professional thatch removal, which includes removing the top layer of the straws in the least invasive method without leaving the roots exposed. If you are looking for a reliable lawn care and landscaping company in Salem, Oregon, we are the team for you!

Weed Control Salem OR

Have you ever faced constant regrowth of weeds no matter how many times you’ve removed it? We understand the frustration and will be glad to offer our expertise and assistance. Weeds grow back if the lawn’s health condition is weak. Which is why we stress the importance of proper lawn maintenance. Some common weeds that you may have faced are Crabgrass, Nutsedge, Dandelion, Thistle, Quackgrass, and even more. If you’ve attempted to spot treat these little enemies by using chemical weed control to kill them off, but they still grow back, we advise you to call our professional lawn care provider. If you don’t have the time to exterminate these weeds, no worries! We would gladly do it for you! We offer weed control service in Salem, OR, as well as other areas.

Lawn Disease Control Salem OR

With poor lawn condition or with certain weathers, lawn disease can form. It can be difficult to tackle lawn disease before it forms and spread as you don’t notice it until it does appear. You may notice signs of lawn disease through discolored patches of brown and yellow, dry texture or even visible mold. Some lawn disease such as brown patch, leaf spots, and mildew can be treated with our hand selected anti-fungal products. While lawn disease like fairy rings require intensive treatments. Without the proper care, it could quickly ruin your lawn. With the help of our professional lawn care providers, you can rest assured that your grass will thrive once again. We have the equipment, resources, experience and resilience to restore your lawn. If you are interested in lawn disease control service in Salem, Oregon, please call us immediately!

Pest Control Salem OR

You can expect that bugs will live and roam around your lawn as they love nature as much or even more that you do. Some critters like bees, butterflies, and spiders are good for your grass as they spread pollen and kill bad bugs. However, you will need to watch out for, white grubs, aphids, billbugs, cutworms, and more! One of the common pests are white grubs. They feed on the roots of plants and eventually evolve into a beetle, which feeds on the grass and can spread to other parts of your lawn. Some signs of pest infestation that you should consider are brown or dead grass patches, bite marks on the grass, and thin or missing roots. If you are concerned on the condition of your lawn, please call our professional lawn care providers immediately for an inspection. We will pick up the signs and identify the type of pest and methods of extermination. After applying insecticides, we will check up in the next 2 weeks, then address further steps when needed. If you are in need of pest control service or inspection in Salem, OR, call us for immediate assistance.